Rock n' Roll icon of Filipinos, Joey "Pepe" Smith has kicked the bucket at the age of 71, today.

His passing was affirmed by one of his girls on Facebook. Daisy Smith-Owen said "much obliged to you for everything daddy bear ko.

Image from OCS ALVAREZ

Much obliged to you for being the best father on the planet.

I know you're in the best place now, no more agonies dad.

I will see you in few days. I cherish you to the moon and back".

Smith-Owen said her dad experienced difficulty relaxing. A previous individual from the original Pinoy-rock gather Juan Dela Cruz Band, Smith endured his third stroke in 2017, with the main abandoning him with a discourse obstacle.

Images from Pinoy Kollektor & The Filipino Times

Juan Dela Cruz were in charge of hits like "Balong Malalim", "Himig Natin", "No Touch" and "Beep Beep".

Post-Juan Dela Cruz, Smith discharged a performance collection in 2005 called "Mannerisms".

Another Pinoy icon left the industry peacefully, after the few weeks missing the other Pinoy icon, Rico J. Puno.