Wednesday, as per DOJ (Department of Justice) Trillanes ought to have exhibited the 'original copy' of his authenticated amnesty for correlation with the confirmed genuine duplicate introduced in court.

He ought to likewise have introduced the picture takers who took the photographs. Under the principles on electronic proof, sound, photographic and video proof are allowable whenever recognized, clarified or validated in court by the individual who made the chronicle or by someone else able to affirm on the exactness of the account or photo.

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Trillanes recorded his formal offer of proof on Tuesday submitting 17 displays. Beside his declaration of acquittal, photos, and printouts, he presented the oaths of Lt. Col. Josefa Berbigal and previous Defense Undersecretary Honorio Azcueta, the head of secretariat and the seat, individually, of the DND Ad Hoc Amnesty Committee. 

He likewise presented the oaths of Magdalo associates Dominador Rull, Jr. what's more, Emmanuel Tirador, to demonstrate that he connected for absolution and conceded blame. What's more, Trillanes additionally displayed archives from the DND and the court, including a clear reprieve application frame.

DOJ investigators scrutinized the reason for which the affirmations were being offered as proof. They take note of that Berbigal had no expert to infer that Trillanes agreed to every one of the prerequisites as her job was simply to get and process applications. Neither did she have expert to manage pledge to Trillanes.

The DOJ in the mean time called the testimonies of Rull and Tirador self-serving, outlandish and one-sided in light of their connections to Trillanes being Magdalo associates. Rull is likewise Trillanes' official partner. The DOJ likewise questioned the confirmation of some DND archives as auxiliary proof to demonstrate Trillanes' reprieve application in light of the fact that Trillanes was as far as anyone knows not ready to build up that the first record was lost, pulverized or can't be created in court.

The DOJ found that the Makati City Regional Trial Court Branch 148 should garbage the proof introduced by Sen. Antonio Trillanes to demonstrate that he connected for acquittal. The congressperson is confronting overthrow charges before Makati RTC Branch 148 regarding the Oakwood insurrection in 2003.

In its 10-page remark/resistance to Trillanes' formal offer of proof, DOJ examiners driven by Senior Deputy State Prosecutor and OIC-Prosecutor General Richard Anthony Fadullon said the court ought not consider the representative's proof since some of them were not legitimately validated. These incorporate the congressperson's testament of acquittal, a few photos and printouts of the Facebook page of the Department of National Defense.

Under area 5, Rule 30 of the Rules of Evidence, just the first record is allowable as proof in court aside from if, among different special cases, the first has been lost, devastated or can't be delivered in court without blame --- "bad faith" --- with respect to the gathering offering the proof. As per Makati RTC Branch 148 agent of court Maria Rhoda Malabag-Peralta, Judge Andres Soriano will initially resolve Trillanes' formal offer of proof before decision on the DOJ's movement for the issuance of hold takeoff request and warrant of capture.