Local farmers, due to an oversupply of tomatoes, drove to dispose of in excess of ten tons of tomatoes that have started to spoil in Kalayaan town in Laguna region.

The wastage provoked the common agribusiness office to concoct estimates like preparing vegetable producers on appropriate supply conjecture. Lamentably, the rejected tomatoes were of an alternate assortment from those that could be handled into tomato glue or sauce.

Image from PhilStar

Laguna agriculturist Marlon Tobias on Tuesday said "they can't be (sold any longer) as they have just decayed. We'll need to discard them in a sterile landfill or as creature feed".

Tobias said a network of in regards to 40 tomato producers from Barangay San Antonio searched them out after merchants from Manila declined to purchase the tomatoes collected a week ago. Tobias said "the supply doesn't simply originate from Laguna. Some from Mindoro, Pangasinan, even Mindanao".

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He included "we've been letting them know (producers): 'don't plant a similar vegetable all in the meantime (to dodge an oversupply)'". Amid the past collect, brokers offered to purchase a crate (21 kilos) of tomatoes for ₱500.

The ongoing oversupply constrained the cost down to just ₱100 per box until the point when dealers needed to decline the abundances. Tomato creation costs around ₱200,000 per hectare. Around 40 to 50 hectares of land are planted to tomatoes in the town.