The group of Vice and Tyang Amy astonished and struck everyone profoundly with their amazing number on the second day of Magpasikat 2018. After team Jugs and Teddy put laughter and heart melting performance last Monday, Vice and Tyang Amy's team inspired others to color their own destiny and become the best version of ourselves.

The group, as well, dedicated the performance to all teachers who helped the students become what they want to be in life --- who continue to inspire individuals --- and guide every young ones to reach their goal.

Image from ABS-CBN Entertainment

The madlang people were invited to a crude classroom set-up in distinct highly contrasting (black and white), which can be contrasted with the representations we for the most part find in youngsters' shading books, with Tyang Amy Perez and Hashtag McCoy de Leon emulating as an educator and the youthful Vice Ganda separately, while a recorded sound of their exchange was played.

As they discussed the most out of this world fantasies of the youthful symbol, Amy gave McCoy a supernatural pastel that could put dashes of shading to each spot it contacted and even opened a mystery gateway flying in hues, which apparently portrayed his opportunity to express his genuine way of life as a feature of the LGBTQ people group.

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He did this through a concise interpretative move to the melody "Thunderclouds" by LSD (Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo) with the beautifully clad GirlTrend Mikee Agustin. He was then transported to an alternate measurement, in which he could experience and play with his desire --- ballet performer (with GirlTrend Krissha Viaje in a fuchsia tutu dress), space explorer (with Hashtag Wilbert Ross in a sparkly silver spacesuit), and hero (with Hashtag Luke Conde in a blue body-embracing outfit) --- on an immense trampoline.

At that point, the scene returned to the classroom, where McCoy was seen drawing a figure of an anonymous lady in a voluminous dress on the whiteboard.

All of a sudden, Vice Ganda showed up on the screen as he went up against the middle stage in a white outfit and belted out Sia's "The Greatest".

Afterwards, water showered on the Unkabogable Star, whose flawlessly white gown got splattered with hues, radiant with stars, and decorated with the words of inventiveness (imagination), 'creative energy', and 'incredible' as it got doused.

Video source: YouTube/ABS-CBN Entertainment

The mixing introduction deduced in the endearing appearances of his adored educator who propelled him to chase constantly his fantasies and his young self (portrayed by McCoy) who appeared to be glad for what he has progressed toward becoming in the present. The unkabogable's mom Rosario was additionally available to help him and acclaim his group's noteworthy demonstration. Group Vice-Tyang Amy's moving and fantastic 2018 number isn't just an awesome update for us to dependably have faith in ourselves and the intensity we had always wanted, yet additionally a contacting tribute to those individuals who immovably upheld and inspired us in seeking after our far-flung desire throughout everyday life.