Mader Sitang Buathong showed passion and love, once again, in helping the in need as she gave ₱300 and a Jollibee meal to PH kids.

The endorser-comedian from Thailand certified herself as a caring person and a giver.

Images from Facebook/สิตางศุ์ บัวทอง & Rated K

It's her first time in the Philippines and she already did a lot of amazing job that shows that she has a very wonderful heart.

Sitang's team went to a place in PH and organize a feeding for kids.

Kids were told to form a line and one-by-one they walk near to Mader Sitang where Sitang gave them an amount of money while showing love (such as hug and cheek kiss).

Sitang's assistant, as well, helped that moment by distributing a Jollibee meal to each kids.

Image from Rated K

Such a kind heart to do some great things in the country despite her busy schedule.

Sitang was born in Thailand, and as a lawyer there, coming out was not easy for her. During her interview on Rated K --- on the episode --- it was revealed that Sitang was a late bloomer.

At the age of 40, Sitang decided to be a transgender and became a fashion designer in Bangkok.

Now, she is no longer practicing law. Her husband said it's dangerous for her.

Sitang is, as well, blessed with a partner for they are being together for 13 years now.

Everyone adores Sitang for having a good heart. Going to another country to do some work, then inserting an activity to give back and show love to humanity is amazing.

That's the thing Sitang has which everyone adores much.