"Anak" singer, Freddie Aguilar files his certificate of candidacy (COC) for senator.

65-year old Aguilar who is a Duterte supporter wishes to find a place in senate as he confirmed his candidacy to be one of the nation's senators.

Image from Interaksyon

Election is fast approaching, it will be next year, 2019. Many senators went to COMELEC to file their candidacy to extend their stay in senate, while there were, as well, new people, new faces who would want to serve the nation.

Folk singer, Aguilar, was one of the earliest people to file their candidacy. Ka Freddie is known worldwide for being a music icon, and now wanted to serve the country as well.

He is known for his meaningful songs, and as well a political activist.

His song "Bayan Ko" became the anthem against the Marcos regime during the People Power Revolution in 1986.

Addressing radio DZMM, Aguilar said he had been pushing for a move to an administrative type of government amid the main national decisions after the 1986 EDSA People Power revolt. He said "I have 40 years of history supporting for change.

Image from PEP

You should simply tune in to my tunes like 'Katarungan' or 'Sa Kuko ng Agila'".

He included he is documenting his COC right on time since he needs to leave for Canada for a progression of gigs. Whenever chose into office, Aguilar said he will push for security for performers by guaranteeing that they have week after week, month to month or yearly contracts.

He clarified "We performers have no residency. Our supervisors or managers can evacuate us whenever.

On the off chance that I win, I need to ensure our performers".