Team Jhong Hilario and Karylle won the It's Showtime Magpasikat 2018 after giving a broadway-like performance on their Magpasikat presentation.

This is the first win of team Jhong and Karylle on It's Showtime's Magpasikat Anniversary Special. This is yearly celebrated by the show to thank the madlang people for being with them for so many years --- 9 years to be exact.

Image from Twitter @itsShowtimeNa

Jhong and Karylle together with Hashtags Ronnie, Rayt, Jimboy and GirlTrends' Jessica and Chienna played the "insectifying" characters of cockroaches, butterfly, caterpillars, mosquito, louse, and more.

Their role play-musical act is a sequel of their previous Magpasikat presentation last year which was all about the love story between a cockroach and a caterpillar turned into butterfly.

This year, it's all about the unique combination son of the cockroach and butterfly called "ipad" as ipis is cockroach in tagalog language, and higad is caterpillar in tagalog language.

Image from Twitter @amaarriieeee

After the father cockroach who was played by Jhong last year passed away (in the story), the son 'ipad', also played by Jhong, is having an issue identifying himself.

Cockroaches team is trying to convince him to partake with them as cockroach, while Caterpillars team is trying to do the same, convincing him to join in as caterpillar.

Ipad can't decide until the mosquito "Lamoka" came to tell him about his other self. Lamoka knows that Ipad is gay and has a crush on the louse, "Kuto Martin".

With dancing and singing moments, the story runs all about 'acceptance to LGBTQ community'. As the story ended with the capacity of Ipad to become a hero, just like the straight people.

Ipad was able to save the village from the scorpion, and the most important thing is he was accepted and loved by his mother butterfly for whoever or whatever he is --- and so the other did love and accept him, as well, in the end.

Images from Twitter @itsShowtimeNa

Team Vice and Tyang Amy won as the 2nd placer, while Team Anne and Mariel won as the 3rd placer.

Ryan Bang who went to different teams yearly is still unable to achieve placing in top 3 but he was loved by everyone.

Judges on this year were husband and wife, Mariz and Ronnie Ricketts, Empoy Marquez, Shalani Soledad-Romulo, Rey "PJ" Abellana, and the head judge, Gus Abelgas.

Prizes will be given to the team's chosen charity. Non-placer will still receive a consolation prize and will still be given to their chosen charity.