Christopher "Bong" Go, special assistant to the President, said Monday that harsh government authorities like Representative John Bertiz would not go on without serious consequences. Go, who was a respected visitor at the festival of the fourteenth establishing commemoration of Philippine Army's ninth Infantry Division in Camp Elias Angeles in Pili, Camarines Sur, conceded that Bertiz, who was as of late under flame for professedly harassing an airplane terminal authority in the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport), has been a companion to him and President Rodrigo Duterte.

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He additionally said that Bertiz, an ACTS-OFW partylist delegate, had dependably been with them in their official voyages abroad with the President to meet abroad Filipino laborers. Go said that 'he doesn't control whatever he [Bertiz] says and do.

May this be an exercise [to government officials]. Control and great behavior are the keys to the advancement of the country".

The scene at the NAIA including Bertiz was gotten on camera, demonstrating the partylist agent discourteously taking the distinguishing proof card of an air terminal representative who expected him to take off shoes as a component of the airplane terminal's security convention.

Go told neighborhood media, "we are reminding government authorities to end up a good example to our kindred residents, we are here in the legislature to serve and not to get exceptional treatment.

It has dependably been our (President's) practice to take after standards even in Davao City, mandates and methods.

As government authorities, we were never exempted from holding fast to such. Indeed, even the president himself never requested to be saved from following [to] these approaches". Go likewise said that it disheartens him that Bertiz had additionally 'hauled' his name in another occurrence that brought open feedback against them both.

Go was alluding to the time Bertiz, who remained as his intermediary to the mass promise taking of licensure examination passers for farming and biosystems builds on September 25th, made a joke, saying: "the individuals who don't know Secretary Bong Go won't get a PRC [Professional Regulation Commission] permit later".

The episode was likewise recorded and the video became famous online via web-based networking media. He said "with the PRC issue, it disheartens me that my name has been hauled. I didn't know about it and I don't know why he said that". He likewise said that he and the President had constantly attempted not get extraordinary treatment.

Go included that 'they dislike that [behavior]'.