After the heated tweets between Juan Karlos Labajo and Darren Espanto about gayness, singer and The Voice season 2 contestant, Daryl Ong, (rumored account) posted on social media some thoughts that has a connection to the said issue.

Though it is not directly pointing to the issue about the young singer, Espanto, the point of his post talks about 'being proud for who they are' and 'the beauty of being embraced for who they are'.

Images from IG @imdarylong & Facebook

Ong said on a post, "If one is being accused of being gay (unless life is being threaten, or be disrespected [including] his/her family), I will not waste my time reacting to it most especially when there is no truth about the accusation.

And if, coincidentally, it's true, then what? What now? Why will you hide it? Does being gay makes you a criminal? Does it make you less of a person... as an artist?

If you are gay, does your talent and skills in your [star] journey decreases? Does your intelligence decreases?

Just being straight, does it make you 'righteous'? Less 'sinful'? Is that how it works? Is it weighted, or the weight of sin and being less are being based on gender?

I don't really get it that even it is now 2018, there are still 'public figure' (artist) who tries to present himself as a straight man, and if there will be an issue [about gender identity], will become defensive (fights back).

Which one are you selling, your talent or your gender? Why is there still a need to pretend? Why not be yourself (be true for who you are). It is so good to be true to who you are to yourself and to people.

It will be so good to be embraced by people as who you really are.

The truth shall set you free. Be true to yourself". (Translated from Filipino)

The post is based on Senyora's Facebook page photo, yet there is no clarity that it is the verified account of Ong.

Larger copy | Image from Facebook