Juan Karlos Labajo (JK) was called out by his The Voice Kids alum, Darren Espanto, for purpotedly making reference to Darren in a now-erased tweet expressing 'gayness at its finest'.

Darren, who uncovered that their regular record mark and administration organization MCA Music Inc talked things through with JK to examine the issue, didn't mince words when he spilled out his resentment after the JK evidently asserted that somebody hacked his twitter account.

Images from Facebook/Darren Espanto & Lionheartv

Darren said on his tweet, "in timing? The hacker deleted the tweet you posted after the management talked to you. If you found your hacker, come to me [with the hacker] so you will know who's the real GAY".

Image from Twitter @Espanto2001

Both youthful vocalists were found on the main period of The Voice Kids.

Darren was a piece of Team Sarah while JK was a piece of Bamboo's Camp Kawayan, however the two progressed toward becoming BFFs amid the opposition.

Be that as it may, fans saw there was a dropping out between the two after JK's stretch on Pinoy Big Brother.

JK responded to the tweet of Darren.

While the 'Poison' artist appeared to be suspicious that JK was hacked, the 'Buwan' hitmaker scrutinized Darren's choice to make the issue open (public).

JK composed while joining screencaps of their Instagram DM discussion about the issue, "I respected you and I talked to you in private however orayt you don't like so let's make it public".

JK likewise suggested a past issue which is accepted to be the purpose for the dropping out between the two The Voice Kids Season 1 finalists.

Amid his stay in the Pinoy Big Brother house in 2016, JK was caught conversing with individual housemates about a specific 'papa biritera' who many thought to be his then-BFF Darren. JK denied he was alluding to Darren who he considered as a sibling since they initially met on The Voice.

He proceeded with "I have a high respect to you as a performer and artist, and afterward, and now, I don't have reason to destroy you or disrespect you".

"This is an extremely juvenile approach to settle s**t yet hello I'm not coward. Someone challenged me so what can I do?"

JK finished up before saying that he will erase the said tweets which you can see underneath:

Images from Twitter @KarlosLabajo