Following half year of recovery conclusion of Boracay island, the administration opens it again for a dry run started on October the 15th.

The restoration came after President Rodrigo Duterte requested for its conclusion last April. A video of reviving Boracay becomes a web sensation in light of its delightful landscape that speak to the amazing perspectives of the island and its seascapes.

Image from Twitter/ABSCBNNews

Boracay sets to open on October 26th, Monday, to both household and outside visitors. As per the reports, the dry run will keep going for 10 days and it is constrained to nearby sightseers.

The visitors who are a piece of the dry run exercises are occupants of Aklan and different parts of Western Visayas will's identity allowed to have a sneak see of what Boracay looks like at this point.

"We need to welcome the carriers, the visit administrators with the goal that they can perceive what Boracay is before they really advance it and before the delicate opening.

Likewise we needed to pressure that there are just 68 foundations with 3519 rooms accessible starting today.

We need to caution people in general that they can just book on those inns that are recorded on the DOT site, FB, Twitter, since we discovered that a considerable measure foundations not on the rundown have been tolerating reservations", Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat stated.

Image from Twitter

"We circumvented the island today and it's perfect and there's an energy that it will at long last open.

I was conversing with inhabitants and they were stating this is the thing that Boracay looked like 30 years back.

Individuals are eager to see the spotless, immaculate Boracay obviously I'm reminding general society to deal with their desires", she included.

After a few days of run dry, some visitors just throw their plastic cup and spoon everywhere. This would be an issue that needs to be resolved by human themselves, if they cannot throw the garbage on the right place, a sanction may be implemented and we don't want that unless we'll help the nature.