Senator Antonio Trillanes IV's offered to stop the execution of Proclamation 572 was denied by the Supreme Court. acting SC Spokesperson Atty. Gleo Guerra said in a question and answer session, "the Court made plans to deny candidate Senator Trillanes' supplication for the issuance of a writ of fundamental directive as well as brief limiting request".

Images from Twitter & The Star/Joven Cagande

The high court holds as a certification the affirmation of President Rodrigo Duterte that Trillanes won't be captured except if a capture warrant has been issued by the preliminary court. Guerra stated, citing the high court's decision that 'the Court takes legal notice of the all out profession of President Duterte that Senator Trillanes won't be secured, kept or arrested except if a warrant of capture has been issued by the preliminary court'.

The high court included that "subsequently, there is no outrageous and earnest need for the Court to issue an injunctive alleviation considering that the respondents have recognized Senator Trillanes' entitlement to due process". The high court included that the subject of whether Trillanes has conformed to the necessities to meet all requirements for an acquittal or not is real in nature, it will be best that the "Makati RTCs (Regional Trial Courts) be given elbowroom in practicing their simultaneous purview to hear and resolve the pleadings/movements recorded by the gatherings as respects the legitimateness of Proclamation 572".

The Makati RTC Branch 148 handles the overthrow body of evidence against Trillanes and other Magdalo fighters for the 2003 Oakwood revolt while the Makati RTC Branch 150 is dealing with the resistance case for the 2007 Manila Peninsula attack. In the interim, the high court requested respondents, through Solicitor General Jose Calida to present a remark inside 10 days.