Meet Ion Perez, the newest "Kuya Escort" of It's Showtime segment's Miss Q and A Intertalaktic 2019 Wit Lang.

He is the most up to date hunk who has become every one of us stricken on the show, especially the one and only unkabogable Vice Ganda. Ion Perez is really the ruling titleholder of Mister Universe Tourism 2018, a global show held in Pasig City in May.

Images from Instagram @iionperez

The 27-year-old Ion shared his modest beginnings from Concepcion, Tarlac.

He helped in the privately-run company of offering rice cakes, particularly in the readiness and bundling of the sustenance items, talks on a meeting with a media company.

Images from Instagram @iionperez

Amid a similar meeting, Ion likewise shared that he had no aspirations in joining the male event.

It took three years for his companions and relatives to persuade him into joining the challenge. As per him, he saw the expo as a chance to assist his family with their money related issues.

Presently, Ion brings his unquestionable appeal and claim as the current Kuya Escort on It's Showtime.

In spite of the fact that it's still simply been days since Ion started showing up on the show, he effectively had an effect on the "madlang people".

Image from Instagram @iionperez

Furthermore, with this, we will all doubtlessly become more acquainted with him much more as the days pass.

Ion replaced Greg Hawkins after the rumor of Greg not having a complete papers to probably work in the country.

Despite of having a thin sound of voice and different steps towards his walk, Ion can't erase the fact that he is hot and gorgeous. He is the newest kilig moment of Vice Ganda on the show wherein co-host of Vice, Anne Curtis, revealed that Vice did stalk Ion on Instagram.

This man actually loves to play basketball, as well, and as we all know, many of Vice's relationship partners were basketball players. Could this be another or could this be forever for the wonderful person, Vice? If you want to see more, the show airs every noon (except on Sunday) on ABS-CBN.