On Wednesday, President Rodrigo Duterte traveled to Jordan on a high note in the wake of packing $82.9 million in new venture understandings amid his official visit to Israel. The arrangements incorporated the conveyance of Century canned fish items inside the Israeli and Palestinian Authority, formation of a nearby office to fabricate weapons, advancement of strategic vehicles, and improvement of military and insight items and equipment, authorities said.

These were marked amid the President's discussion with Israeli agents on Tuesday and anticipated that would create 790 occupations. Talking at the King David Hotel, the President said he was not a despot and welcomed the agents to put resources into the Philippines.

Image from Presidential Communications

He committed a lot of his discourse to clarifying his merciless crackdown on drugs that has drawn universal judgment. He got a for the most part warm welcome from the administration yet was welcomed with challenges outside the Israeli presidential living arrangement.

He said, "try not to have faith in that thing that I am there to be a despot. I will go down on the day my term closes". The President said he was confronting numerous inconveniences, including human rights bunches denouncing his war on drugs, however he made it unmistakable he is a Christian and trusts in the holiness of life.

He stated that "he can never endure banditry, the Isis thing of simply murdering individuals kids and all", including: "he just slaughter offenders. What's more, on the off chance that you ask him now, yes he does" --- based on news media site.

The Philippine pioneer told the group of onlookers that on the off chance that they discovered trouble in working together in Manila, they could set a gathering with him even amidst the night. He said he would "slap" the individuals who coerced from them. The President will be on an official visit to Jordan on the welcome of King Abdullah II. He will meet with the lord on Thursday at the Al Huseinieh Palace Courtyard and Jordanian agents at a gathering later.