The head bang queen of Thailand who made a lot of viral videos doing a head bang is one of the great donors after the Super Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, based on netizens.

Shockingly for a few people, they tend to concentrate more on a man's physical magnificence instead of the inward one. Truly, excellence is entirely subjective.

Images from Twitter @neiljedcastro

It makes them judge individuals and ridicule them for being extraordinary.

What never jumped out at them is that a portion of these individuals who they disparage have greater hearts than they ever could have. Take, for instance, the Thai ponder, Sitagsus Bao.

The 55-year old Thai national, Sitagsus Bao or "Sitang Buathong" has been all the rage after Filipinos have found how enormous her heart is. At first sight, Sitagsus seems as though she doesn't have a place with society's magnificence principles.

In any case, as you become more acquainted with her, you will understand that her excellence isn't outwardly yet within, which is more imperative.

You will likewise discover that she is a standout amongst the most regarded identities in Thailand for her liberality and sympathy. She as of late made a buzz in our neighborhood web-based social networking.

On Sitagsus' Facebook profile, a few Filipinos uncovered that she gave gifts after our nation experienced hurricane Yolanda.

Another netizen shared that she possesses an online store and different organizations. That, as well as in Thailand, she is likewise the most looked for after endorsers, and she is a legal advisor as well! She's not the "handyman" she's the "Ruler all things considered". In the place where she grew up, individuals know her as the lady who dependably stops a man in need to give them cash.

Images from Twitter @neiljedcastro

Regardless of the majority of the reactions she has gotten she generally put her confidence in God and keep helping other people. Many are currently holding up after she reported that she will visit the nation soon.

We're almost certain that upon landing, Sitagsus will be warmly invited by Filipinos.