As we all know, the legend Aretha Franklin has left the world of mortality and everyone is mourning about her passing, but during her funeral, a video of a bishop holding Ariana Grande on stage is kinda odd as it looked like the bishop was pushing Ariana's upper private part with his finger. The bishop was also found staring at Ariana's legs during the pop star's performance.

Images from Facebook/Ysraah Biebs

The bishop's name is Charles H. Ellis III. He was seen by a lot of people inappropriately groping Ariana on stage --- based on the video/images that spun around the web.

People have different approaches to it, some says Ariana should have worn appropriate dress if she doesn't want to be inappropriately touched, while others say that women should be respected no matter what they dress especially the guy who did it to Ariana is not just a guy but a bishop.

The video and images really shown something fishy about the bishop did to the pop star, the overly pushed fingers on her bazooka, and the staring eye on the legs of the young lady.

This thing is not new to some religious group, many priests, pastors, and church leaders were accused and even found guilty with this kind of act.

The bishop responded based on a media site that, "it could never be his goal to contact any lady's bosom... he didn't know he figure [that] he put his arm around the pop star", Ellis said.

"Possibly crossed the fringe, perhaps I was too well disposed or natural however once more, I apologize".

Ellis snatched Grande around her rib "cage" as he endeavored to share a 'father' joke with the group of onlookers. He said as the swarm emitted into giggling, "when I saw Ariana Grande on the program, I believed that was another something at Taco Bell".

It then went to twitter with a hashtag #RespectAriana as people saw her being uncomfortable with the situation --- and may also really be inappropriate in reality.

Video courtesy of YouTube/Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV