Monday, President Rodrigo Duterte did sign a "national ID system" for PH citizens and foreigners residing in the Philippines as he looked to relieve fears that security would be disregarded. The Philippine System Identification Act (PhilSys Act) commands the administration to make a solitary authority distinguishing proof card for all natives and outside inhabitants that would fill in as an accepted national ID number.

Duterte said the PhilSys Act will make ready for productive administrations conveyance, will improve managerial administration, lessen debasement, diminish bureaucratic formality, advance simplicity of working together, and reinforce monetary consideration. The President likewise guaranteed the general population that administration will secure the information in the PhilSys database, in the midst of worries of conceivable information break and protection infringement.

Image from PCOO

He noticed that the data contained in the PhilSys can likewise be found in the databases of government associations, for example, the Philippine Statistics Office, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG Fund, and the Commission on Elections. Duterte said in his discourse amid the stylized marking of the law, "That dread depends on anything that outskirts to unlawful. In the event that by any stretch of the imagination, the Philippine ID will even guide in our drive against the social hazards of destitution, defilement, and criminal issues and also psychological warfare and savage fanaticism".

The national ID will contain a man's Philippine Identification System number, full name, sexual orientation, blood classification, date of birth, place of birth, conjugal status, address, and a forward looking photograph. Preceding the marking of the PhilSys Act, the Philippines had been one of only a handful couple of nations on the planet which had no national ID framework.

Past organizations endeavored to set up a national ID framework however these endeavors were met with solid restriction. The PSA will be the executing organization of the measure. National Statistician and Civil Registrar General Lisa Grace Bersales said in the months after the marking of the law, the PSA will direct a pilot execution of the framework in chose districts. Bersales said, 'the pilot test expects to set out the enlistment procedure preceding the full 5-year usage beginning 2019'.