"Kris Aquino is the real crazy rich Asian", said Australian Hollywood actor Chris Pang, her co-star in the film "Crazy Rich Asians". Chris, who plays Colin Khoo in Warner Brothers' movie "Crazy Rich Asians" influenced the comment when solicited from his impression of Kris in a meeting with Preview, Filipino online magazine.

The performing artist shared that he was perusing all the news when it turned out and saw that "everybody in the Philippines was so amped up for Kris being in the film". Chris stated, "when I met her, I didn't have the foggiest idea, so I was somewhat confounded in light of the fact that she accompanied eighteen assistants.

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I resembled, who is this individual? [Laughs] I most likely idea they were a piece of the set, similar to some character had every one of these "assistants" and colleagues, which sort of appeared well and good. Be that as it may, NO, those were her real [personal assistants]!". 

He added depicting Kris, "clearly, I know her identity now. She's the genuine crazy rich Asian. Every one of us were acting and endeavoring to delve profound into this life that we didn't have a clue, however she was simply playing herself".

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Gotten some information about Kris' part in the film adjustment of the top of the line book of Kevin Kwan, Chris declined to unveil however shared that her character is one of the individuals who might go to the wedding. Chris said, "I don't know the amount I should state, but rather she's in there without a doubt.

I think the general population who've perused the book may comprehend what character she's playing, however I would prefer not to ruin anything for the individuals who haven't. So I'll keep it new".

In a report, Kris responded to the Australian performing artist's meeting. Kris said eight staff individuals followed alongside her which incorporate her make-up craftsman, hairdresser and form beauticians, among others. The Queen of All Media said Chris more likely than not thought it was her staff who went to her referring to that the P&G group situated in Singapore likewise came amid the shoot to bring her blooms.

Kris is an endorser of a cleanser mark delivered by the organization. The Filipina performer included that companions of her back chief Nicko Falcis additionally went by alongside her support managers at Unilever and General Mills. Kris is as of now in Los Angeles, California to go to celebrity main street debut, on August the 7th, of "Crazy Rich Asians".