Ee Ann Hov has been catching a great deal of hearts as he plays his piano --- quieting listeners and influencing them to feel good wherever they are, on Facebook.

This young guy play an amazing music --- melody 'River Flows in You'. You should listen to his wonderful play especially if you are tired and wanted to rest or have a peaceful mind.

Image from Facebook/eeannho

A great deal of people said they need such music amid a terrible or tiring day, while some approached Hov to play more tunes for them. Regardless they cherish his execution regardless of whether he committed an error in the later piece of the video.

The video as of now has almost 3 million views with 26 thousand likes and 46 thousand shares.

Hov is as well can play flute and trumpet. This guy is simply amazing.

Nowadays, people are so talented. Some are great but doesn't want to show it in public because they are afraid to be criticized. Some people who doesn't have it are still showing the public they are great, that is the confidence that everyone needs. If everyone will have confidence, many will be discovered.

If you didn't make it, retry, and if you get old and still nothing, the good thing is at least you tried.

You will never get an answer to your 'what will happen' if you won't try. If you stay to be quiet, you will end nothing, but if you try to be loud then it will be either nothing or succeed.

Show the world what you got. We only lived once so go for your dreams and make it happen.