Steven Paysu visited a man with illness and offered a song.

Based on a tweet from a netizen, Tawag ng Tanghalan 3rd placer, Steven Paysu, went to Christopher Raymundo to offer a song.


The netizen described that Paysu's voice has a healing power, and it is proven that the singer is not only having a great talent but a great heart.

Many people nowadays are living in a world of pain and based on some studies, music heals.

I remember watching the video of an old man with Alzheimer's disease. The people who take care of him let him listen to his old favorite songs back in his younger years and after listening to it, the old man cries remembering his past.

Despite the memories won't last probably an hour, that short moment of him reminiscing his wonderful past was amazing.

This act of Steven Paysu to come and visit and offer a song, is majestic. Aside from the music that touches life, it heals and it cleanses our hearts.

Good job Mr Paysu for being a great human being and sharing your talent not only on stage but to those who need it.