A man utilizing a pickax turned President Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame stars into broken pieces.

The man purportedly pulled a pickax from a guitar case and began crushing the star.

Images from ABCnews

After that he left and left the instrument in the scene. Everything was gotten on a reconnaissance video, however in the end the man handed himself over. As indicated by the Chamber of Commerce, The Hollywood History Trust will repair the star and cover it up meanwhile.

This is not the first time Trump's star was crushed. In year 2016, October, a man endeavored to evacuate and smash the star by utilizing a pickax and a heavy hammer.

As indicated by The New York Times, he got captured and consented to pay $4,000 in harms and was condemned to 3 years probation and 20 long periods of network benefit.

Around the same time, a craftsman named Plastic Jesus made a fence for the star finish with ridicule razor wire.

Different circumstances, it was spread with ketchup or painted in purple. Yowser, individuals truly have imaginative methods for demonstrating their emotions towards Trump.