Philippine TV evolves as new series, which from Thailand and Turkey, were offered to viewers.

GMA 7 with its "the Heart of Asia" that features TV series from different countries such as Taiwan and South Korea, the network took another series from different Asian countries --- Thailand and Turkey, to offer to the Filipino televiewers.

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After their airing of "lakorn"or Thailand's television series "You're My Destiny", GMA offers a TV drama from Turkey: Wings of Love (Turkish title: Bana Sevmeyi Anlat), and has started its air on Monday, July 2nd, as a major aspect of the system's fifteenth commemoration offer.

The new dramatization arrangement rotates around the narrative of a Leyla (played by Seda Bakan), a single parent who battles to give her tyke a not too bad life.

She was constrained by her dad to wed a rich, yet old, businessperson named Hasmet (depicted by Mustafa Üstündağ), who claims a chain of eateries. Be that as it may, amid her big day, Leyla discovered her significant other to-be's mystery.

She heard Hasmet's arrangement to execute somebody and discovered that he is really an individual from a medication syndicate. Dreading for hers and her youngster's life, Leyla got away from her wedding and coincidentally rides on Albert's (played by Kadir Doğulu) auto.

Albert, who fills in as a culinary expert in one of Hasmet's eatery, will help her escape from her life partner's fury, until the point when they fall for each other.

Airing some TV series from different countries has started a long time ago, where most remembered and top rated international shows were from Mexico that time.

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ABS-CBN, one of the largest TV Network companies in the Philippines, has aired different international series as well, and they are simply one of the pioneers in offering international series with their tag line "First and True Home of Asianovela".

In 1990's ABS-CBN and RPN-9 offered Mexican telenovelas (based on Wikipedia).