During the Lustrous Beauty Con of Nadine Lustre's make up line in collaboration with a cosmetics brand, the young actress went for meet and greet with her fans.

On the stage as she was being called to show up, the actress unintentionally having a misstep on the final step of the stairs but she was able to stood up immediately and gave a beautiful smile. She waved a hand to the fans, as well.

Image from Showbiz Chika

Everything goes well for the actress as she was able to manage the situation like a pro, and she is a pro anyway, one of the biggest stars in the Philippine showbiz industry.

Aside from meeting her fans, young star Lustre, also, took a time off to prepare a sweet pictorial for her parent's silver anniversary.

Lustre is such an incredible daughter, and a strong woman in high class.

Video courtesy of YouTube/Showbiz Controversy