It's not so fun in the Philippines if we talk about using the country's flag as accessories, made it into dress designs, and so on.

A guy on Twitter got a lot of attention from netizens after he posted a photo of him hanging the Philippine flag on his shoulder.

Images from Twitter @MarcDorotheo

His name is Marc Dorotheo, and he only wishes to end the hunger in the Philippines that is why he uploaded the images of the flag being hang on his shoulder.

The response went not so well since some say it is against the law, where yeah, they may be telling the truth but probably there is a certain way or representation, or action that may cause jail time, penalty or persona non grata.

People are talking about the R.A. 8491 or the “Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines which violators of this act will be subjected to punishments as expressed on the Section 50 of the law, saying like this:

'Any individual or juridical substance which disregards any of the arrangements of this Act will, upon conviction, be rebuffed by a fine of at the very least Five thousand pesos (₱5,000) nor in excess of Twenty thousand pesos (₱20,000), or by detainment for not more than one (1) year, or both such fine and detainment, at the carefulness of the court: Provided, That for any second and extra offenses, both fine and detainment will dependably be forced: Provided, further, That in the event that the infringement is conferred by a juridical individual, its President or Chief Executive Officer thereof will be at risk'.

In spite of numerous who called attention to that utilizing the banner as extra is illegal, Dorotheo shielded that he didn't affront the banner and he's only "glad for [his] legacy and of being Filipino". "I'm not pursuing popularity, cash, whatever. I have begun to look all starry eyed at the banner (embed your jokes now), and all that it speaks to that when it's shown, I feel significantly more brave," said Dorotheo when asked on informal organization stage, Curiouscat.

Well, see it for yourself with the image below and see if Senator Manny Pacquiao should pay or did pay for what he did similarly on Dorotheo's viral photos.

Images from Twitter @MarcDorotheo | Pinterest @CNN