Sunday (PH), Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao scored his first knockout since 2009 in the headliner of a selective to-ESPN+ boxing card, dropping Lucas Matthysse in the seventh round.

In doing as such, Pacquiao won the WBA world welterweight title off of Matthysse. Pacquiao turned out forceful and hoping to push the pace, and that is the thing that he did to begin. He got Matthysse with a hard left uppercut that dropped him in the third round, however he didn't swarm for the wrap up, the peril of Matthysse's capacity. Two adjusts later, Pacquiao earned his second knockdown when a short right snare landed square on the "temple" and Matthysse took a knee.

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Another two adjusts later, and Pacquiao scored another huge left uppercut that put Matthysse down for the third and last time, giving Pacquiao the KO. Coming into the session, Pacquiao had lost to Jeff Horn in his last battle, losing the WBO welterweight belt. That was an extremely dubious choice, while before that Pacquiao scored prevails upon Jessie Vargas and Timothy Bradley, soon after his misfortune to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Matthysse came in off a couple of wins over Tewa Kiram and Emmanuel Taylor, with a misfortune to Viktor Postol before that.

In the 1st round, Matthysse takes the focal point of the ring. Pacquiao flicks the poke out there, yet it doesn't arrive, nor completes a thrusting snare. One-two straight combo from Matthysse lands, however not hard. Matthysse is centered around his safeguard at an opportune time here.

He handles a left hand to the body. Pacquiao shoots a hard left hand that is blocked. Hard ideal to the chest from Matthysse. A nearby round arrives at an end!

2nd round, overhand appropriate from Matthysse, yet Pacquiao squares it. Punch from Mattysse interfaces. Straight appropriate from Pacquiao lands hard, and the follow-up from Matthysse just touches. Hit to the body from Pacquiao.

Hard, short right hand associates flush on the cheek as Matthysse comes in low. Another short snare from Pacquiao. Right uppercut from Matthysse lands, however Pacquiao strolls through it. Pacquiao handles some pleasant pokes as the round closures.

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During the 3rd round, Pacquiao obstructs a solid right straight from Matthysse. Pacquiao ducks under an overhand, at that point approaches with a hard, hard left uppercut that drops Matthysse here in the third round! He is go down and battling, yet moving down.

This is a risky spot for Pacquiao, given Matthysse's punching power, particularly while cornered. Pacquiao backs it off yet hits matthysse with a short counter poke, and he keeps on utilizing the poke to get inside range. Hard, short left snare arrives on Pacquiao's cheek, however he eats it.

Running 4th, Pacquiao takes the focal point of the ring immediately. Matthysse misses a winging body shot. Left hit from Matthysse sneaks through the protect. Pacquiao with a solid hit snare combo, and Matthysse needs to move his head some more or he's going down within the near future. Overhand ideal from Matthysse cuts Pacquiao, who reacts with a hard straight left.

About a large portion of a moment later, another hard straight left from Pacquiao. It was a decent round for Matthysse falling off the knockdown, yet it was still likely Pacquiao's round.

The round 5, lunging right straight, trailed by two more backs Matthysse against the ropes, where he eats a left hand from no place by Pacquiao. Left snare from Matthysse lands. Pacquiao lands a decent twofold punch combo, at that point a snare to the body. Straight left finished the finish from Matthysse gets Pacquiao wobbly, however he reacts with a solid body shot. Hard counter ideal from Pacquiao and Matthysse, who appears to be fine at in the first place, takes a knee. It probably hit him considerably harder than it looked, however it went ahead the foot rear areas of Matthysse assembling a couple nice combos. It's another knockdown for Pacquiao!

Upon replay, Pacquiao obviously hit him right in the "temple".

Fight at round 6, short break to begin the round as Pacquiao is hit with a low blow. After they begin move down, it's business as usual from Pacquiao: punch combos took after by a ruthless left uppercut that again harms Matthysse. Matthysse attempts to assemble a snare combo from outside and Pacquiao just moves away, at that point handles an overwhelming body combo.

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Great snare to the body from Matthysse, who is cautioned for the second time to quit driving with his head. Short body combo from Pacquiao. Hard uppercut from Pacquiao once more. Right snare, at that point another uppercut from Pacquiao. Matthysse simply has nothing for him at this moment! 

The 7th round and the knockout punch, hard straight left from Pacquiao to begin. He slips two punches from Matthysse, who appears gunshy with his correct hand. Extremely quick four-punch combo from Pacquiao, who is moving down Matthysse. Gracious it's the left uppercut once more! What's more, Matthysse is down!

Pacquiao dropped him with a similar punch that he's been getting all battle!