Kris Aquino opened herself for questions last Sunday amid her "Instagram Q and A".

She energetically addressed the netizens' inquiries that rotates around various subjects even individual ones. Among all others, there are two discernible inquiries that everybody additionally most likely finds fascinating --- "would she say she is still companions with Boy Abunda and Vice Ganda?".

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At the point when gotten some information about Boy Abunda, the Queen of All Social Media answered unhesitatingly with a major "YES". Kris and Tito Boy are known as long-term companions since they all cooperated in ABS-CBN for quite a long while.

The last time they cooperated was the show "Aquino and Abunda Tonight".

Truth be told, simply a year ago, Boy Abunda guaranteed that he and Kris stayed tight companions. He expressed that "nothing will change with their friendship with Kris". At the point when gotten some information about Vice Ganda, who is additionally near Kris when she was still in ABS-CBN, her reaction didn't sound guaranteeing.

Kris Aquino just addressed the netizen, "I trust so [I hope so]". Another netizen took after the inquiry with "What do you mean by you trust so?" Kris never again answered.

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