After gossipy tidbits circled impractically connecting the Queen of all media, Kris Aquino, to Atty. Gideon Peña, She talked about the issue by means of Instagram. In light of a netizen's remark who communicated bliss for her and the attorney for their gathered sentiment, Kris answered that they are simply truly companions (friends).

"He's extremely a FRIEND --- let us not make [things] confusing... He merits for the world to know he's accessible and not keen on me impractically. Since he ought to have alternatives and not be a "casualty" of other individuals' expections --- consequently this answer", Kris stated.

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Both were supposed to date after their traded of "kilig" remarks on Instagram.

Atty. Peña even uncovered by means of internet based life that he sent an individual message for Kris on Viber. They likewise traded love cites on Instagram, which additionally powered the bits of gossip.

Before Kris clarified, this is somewhat happened.

On the comment section of Atty. Peña's post having a caption, "“sana sa susunod na paglingon ay nariyan ka” [hopefully the next (time I) glance (I) would see you (standing there)], Kris reacted with the following message: "Atty G- if this is for me, wait lang (kindly wait) please- I’m shooting for @samsungph now… but if it’s not- she is a very lucky girl.

(Sorry ha, the original Twitter posts were already sent to me by some people & this now showed [popup] up on my phone. Change of setup so i got to see IG [Instagram].) 😘”

To which Atty Gideon replied: “@krisaquino it is just a 'shout into the void'. What (the things) I really mean are delivered in private [message]. PS Check your viber".