After the incident of brawl between the Australian Boomers and Philippine Gilas, the team decided to go home early to their country in fear of their safety.

Australia's b-ball boss excecutive officer Anthony Moore said that 'It's a mishap for them, it's an extremely dull day [that day] and working up [that evening]'. Australia's best positioned b-ball official portrayed the notorious seat clearing fight between the Boomers and Gilas Pilipinas as a dull day for Australian b-ball.

Image from FIBA

Moore, who was watching the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifier game on live TV back in Australia, required a public interview on Tuesday, July the 3rd to additionally clarify the alliance's "disappointments" of the occurrence. The CEO included that 'they're on the first page of the paper that day and [people] all here as a result of an entirely terrible episode that occurred without any forethought. They have to work fantastically difficult to repair that vision [to themselves]'.

Subsequent to seeing the circumstance of their players amid the fight, the Boomers group administration quickly rebooked the group's trip to Australia from Tuesday evening to morning.

The team fear for their safety until the point that they touch base back in their nation.

Moore said, "we saw one of our players being struck by a fan and we got the account on a pack of authorities prying on the kid, and we additionally got a fan tossing a seat on our players, so we totally locate that unsuitable".

"Our essential concern was the security of our players and what guaranteed them after". Australian Basketball commended its group administration and authorities for staying in their individual positions and currently controlling the players from clearing the seat. "It's really credit to our group administration and authorities to really keep down our players and that is the consequence of 9 Filipinos launched out and just 4 of our own included".

"It's a quite difficult time as some need to go out and bolster their colleagues, yet you know they are physically controlled from doing as such due to that launch set up". Both Australia and Philippines will sit tight for an official choices and particular approvals of FIBA after its survey of the occurrence, which will come in the next days.