A gentleman went viral in internet after a photo of him spinning around the web finished his study and wearing a toga made in bus tickets.

These bus tickets are the tickets he paid in order for him to get to school.

Image from Facebook/Filipino Channel Online

On Tuesday, in a GMA News (24 Oras), it was determined that this guy is a child of an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). He is Mark James Operiano Capulong who finished as magna cum laude in his course Economics in the University of Santo Tomas.

He travels in 4 years of his study just to get to his school by riding a bus from his place in Laguna to EspaƱa in Manila.

And as a child of an OFW, he chose to go home to his home place after his schooling [rather than renting] because he doesn't want to leave his mother and his siblings.

He never surrender despite the toughness of traveling daily that sometimes it takes 2 hours just to attend schooling and just to finish it. And because the travel takes time, he ended up studying in the bus.

He had experienced a lot on his way to his school thru traveling but it paid off since all of his sacrifices came with great results.

In life, everyone experiences toughness with our own choices but because of our perseverance to reach our goal, we never give up and continue to reach higher until our goal meets us.

Hurrah! to everyone who works hard, and even harder.