A positioning individual from the US Senate outside relations advisory group has sent a letter to Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez requesting that he answer by the 11th of July the inquiries on what amount was spent for the Philippine Independence Day party at the Trump International Hotel and why the festival was held there. United States Senator Bob Menendez, who was severely admonished in April 2018 by the United States Senate Select Committee on Ethics in a writing due to accepting unreported presents from companions or political ally (based on Washington Post), additionally sent letters to the international safe havens.

These are Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Kuwait and Malaysia asking for data about occasions they held at the Trump lodging and also remains of their authorities at the disputable inn. His letters tailed one he sent the Trump association in March asking for data about installments from outside governments.

Images from AP Photo & FAPCNY/Lambert Parong

On Wednesday, Menendez wrote in his letters unveiled, "President Trump has declined to totally strip from his business advantages or place them in a visually impaired trust, which makes the potential for irreconcilable circumstances that may lead him to put his own particular money related premiums over those of the US government and the American individuals".

He brought up, "our establishing fathers had this worry as a primary concern when they composed Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, which denies government officeholders from tolerating payments from remote states without first acquiring the certifiable assent of Congress". Menendez asked for the consulates to give data with respect to their procedure to choosing scenes for official occasions and projects in Washington and whether different settings were considered or offers submitted.

He likewise got some information about any part that outside counselors, US government authorities or Trump association workers had in choosing the setting.

He likewise looked for nitty gritty charging data for merchandise and ventures. In his letter to Romualdez, the representative requested a breakdown of expenses for sustenance, drinks, benefit, and so on., when the Trump lodging presented its receipt and when installment was made.

At the festival remembering the 120th commemoration of the declaration of Philippine Independence, Romualdez said the cost of the gathering went to close to $60,000 (US Dollars) due to an arrangement he hit with the inn administration that enabled the consulate to acquire Filipino sustenance like lechon and sisig and drinks like Tanduay Rhum. He said he picked to hold the gathering at the Trump inn in light of its chronicled family as the Old Post Office Pavilion and felt it a fitting spot to commend 120 long periods of Philippine history. In addition, the Philippine government apparently did not need to pay a penny for the gathering in light of the fact that the cost was carried by companions in private business.

Romualdez defended, "Excess involves elucidation. For us this isn't indulgent. Above all else, the Philippine government isn't spending for this undertaking. This is given by my companions, my close companions".