The 10 finalists who competed for the crown and prizes were Juliana Pariscova Segovia, Matrica Mae Matmat Centino, Rianne Azares, Lars Pacheco, Khei Perlaoan, Princess Khim Santillan, Elsa Droga Mendoza, Kristine Ibardolaza, Odessa Jones, and the resbek queen who won the voting Marigona Dona Dragusha.

The 10 finalists need to prove they're wittiness by answering a judge question. They need to draw a name on the fish bowl to see their fated judge who will be asking them a tricky question. This round is called, "Bahala ka Judge".

The queens during opening | Image from Facebook/itsShowtimena

Kristine was the first one to answer a question from drawn judge, Miss Pokwang. Pokwang's question was, "she's always determined by others as a gay, how can Kristine defend her". Kristine said, "we always emulate female women... we idolized the women... and no one should judge/define you for who you are because Pokwang is a good mother, a good woman, a good citizen who pays her taxes, and I know that because we are the same, we both live in Antipolo".

The next one to answer was Khei who fated to be asked by JM de Guzman. JM asked, "if we are together, will your parents be mad if we both stayed together late at night everyday?".  Khei said, "at my age which is 38, will my parents be mad [us] --- I believed not [anymore]. And those nights that we stayed together, we will force ourselves to be happy. We will make memories that we ourselves may perish but our memories will last".

The queens during opening | Image from Facebook/itsShowtimena

Hall of famer, Rianne Azares was next to answer fated to be asked by Brandon Vera, an MMA fighter. Brandon asked, "if I will challenge you to fight against me, what do you think will happen?". Rianne said, "she will be lost, but I will stand tall since fighting you is like my daily battle as an individual. [Huge opponents and kept on shutting me down but the essence as a fighter won't let me down]. Be ourselves and be happy because at the end of the day you are not born to please everybody".

The fourth queen to answer was Odessa, asked by her fated judge, Paul Cabral. Paul asked, "if you will give my name a direction, what would you like me to be named, North Paul Cabral or South Paul Cabral?". Odessa answered, "Here we are again with that North which someone said that the Tagalog word for North is Norte. It should be Hilaga. Well, if I will give your name a direction, I will pick North, North Paul Cabral. Because in North, it is cold, North Pole. Just like you, a cold person. Not hot-headed, and a very decent human".

The queens during opening | Image from Facebook/itsShowtimena

The 5th one to be asked was Matmat who was asked by her fated judge, Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018 representative of Philippines. Catriona asked "in Miss Universe, will I be having an outside world competitors (from different planets)?". Matmat said "no, despite the fact that universe is composed of different planet, Miss Universe is not just a representation of universe but the [essence of being real], and having understanding towards [human race]".

The next one to answer was the 10th queen to join the finalists, Marigona. She was asked by her fated judge Nicole Cordoves. Nicole asked, "if we are in MRT, is it safe for you to hold on my earrings?". Marigona responded, "no, I don't want to hold your earrings because I don't want to hurt you. Based on my experience we don't have any rights to hurt someone. And for that, those past things that I've done, I apologize. The past has been done, and the present is here... and that's the most important".

The 7th person to answer was Lars, and was asked by her fated judge Karylle Yuson. Karylle asked, "if Yael Yuson of Spongecola and I were not meant for each other, is it okay if I will just instead love Spongebob?". Lars answered, "yes. When it comes to love, what is for you will always be for you. So if Karylle will just love Spongebob instead, that's fine. Whatever characteristics your love one is (has), what matter is her heart is clear and clean... because at the end of the day, love always win".

The 8th queen to answer was Elsa and was asked by her fated judge, Miss Korina Sanchez. Korina asked, "on MTRCB ratings, if there's rated G (General Patronage), PG (Parental Guidance), and SPG (Strong Parental Guidance), why there's no Rated K?". Elsa at first started with laugh but then answered, "rated K is not on MTRCB ratings because it is a show, it is not a warning that should be placed at the bottom of the TV screen that says rated G, PG, and SPG. Rated K is a show that Miss Korina presented to show the Philippines and the world how great the Filipinos are. That Filipinos are fun [people], loving, and kind. Madam K is showing everyone the ability of Filipinos, and Rated K is a show that we can watch every Sunday".

The Judges | Images from Facebook/itsShowtimena

The 9th queen to give her answer was Princess who fated to be asked by the king of talk, Mr. Boy Abunda. Boy asked, "Is it possible to do fasting before fast talk?". Princess answered, "yes. As long as the things that coming out from your mouth is from your heart because our goal in life is to inspire the many".

The last but not the least to answer is Juliana and was fated to ask by Jugs and Teddy. Jugs and Teddy asked, "if there's an itchy worm, is it now okay to smack it with a rock that is steady?". Juliana said yes, you can smack it with a steady rock, just like us, if we feel so itchy in any part of our body we can't stop ourselves to scratch it. It needs to be scratched, be deeply scratched, or smack it. Because in real life, if you are there sitting figuring out anything, if you will be smack, that's the time you will realize what had happened in your life [or be awake from the lies]".

The judges went crazy for their amazing answers. In the end only 6 of them made it to the next round. They are Juliana, Rianne, Matmat, Marigona, Lars, and Elsa.