The 45-year-old congressperson Nancy Binay affirmed to Bandera feature writer Jobert Sucaldito that she was mixed up as a cleaning maid inside her dad's own particular house.

This moment happened when the former Vice President, Jejomar Binay welcomed a few leaders, such as mayors, for a social event inside the Vice President's living arrangement in Makati City.

Image from Philippine News Agency

Senator Nancy Binay disclosed to Sucaldito that the occurrence occurred amid a breakfast occasion at her dad's home. She uncovered that she went to her dad's home amid that time and she just turned out from her bed.

Sen Binay was only clad in shorts and white shirts and went straightforwardly to the kitchen. The Senator helped their housemaids in planning for her dad's breakfast which likewise incorporates a few leaders who went by the Vice President amid that time.

Sucaldito couldn't prevent himself from chuckling when the representative uncovered that she was called by one of the leader and was told "Inday, pahingi rin ako ng pagkain" (Inday is a call for some housemaids --- can I have a food, as well), the poor congressperson just obliged to the request of the chairman, who did not know it was the congressperson herself.

The story was simply shared by Jobert Sucaldito on his segment posted on Bandera, as a memory of stories from somebody who was working inside the Binay Family's living arrangement. Despite the fact that the veracity of the report couldn't be checked, yet such a motion of Senator Binay is deserving of acclamation, just on the off chance that it is valid, in light of the fact that a few sources noticed that Jobert Sucaldito is one of the Senator's great companion.