Senate President Tito Sotto, who is, as well, a comedian, singer, and a TV show host has issued a request to one of the nation's greatest news organization, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, to bring down three online articles about assault assertions against him. Keeping in touch with Paolo Prieto, Inquirer's administrator, Sotto stated that 'these sorts of unconfirmed articles have been adversely influencing his notoriety for a very long time.

His endeavors to illuminate his side were to some degree insufficient by reason of the in advance of referred to articles were shared by [your] perusers to the (sic) web based life, and those perusers who knew nothing about the issue took them as the variant of reality considering that those reports originated from a very much confided in organization like'.

Images from Philippine Daily Inquirer/Edwin Bacasmas | Facebook/Rodel Rodis

Sotto includes that he isn't making this demand to smother opportunity of the press. Sotto composed that 'he is making this interest without the aim of stomping on the right to speak freely or of the press. Just like everybody, he is for the honesty (truth) --- balance news in a manner of speaking'. Saturday morning, Rodel Rodis who is the author of two of the specified articles, posted photographs of the formal demand (imprinted on Senate of the Philippines stationery) on Facebook.

Rodis expresses that 'Senate President Tito Sotto has asked for the Philippine Daily Inquirer to wipe out from its site every one of the articles he expounded on him ("The Rape of Pepsi Paloma" & "Was Pepsi Paloma Murdered?").

On the off chance that the Inquirer consents to his demands, an unsafe point of reference will be set. Sotto is cyberbullying the Inquirer'. The articles specified were The Rape of Pepsi Paloma, Was Pepsi Paloma Murdered? (both by Rodis), and Tito Sotto denies whitewashing Pepsi Paloma assault case by Totel de Jesus. Sotto, with his sibling Vic and companions Joey de Leon and Richie D'Horsey, purportedly posse assaulted hot on-screen character Pepsi Paloma in 1982 in the wake of medicating her.

In October 13, 1982, the 3 men --- barring Tito Sotto, issued an open statement of regret on the People's Journal.

Some portion of it understands: "We trust that you won't permit the mistake we have submitted against you to remain as a hindrance to that future which we as a whole anticipate.

We along these lines request that you discover it in your heart to excuse us for the wrong which we have done against you".

In his endeavors to "demonstrate his innocence", Senator Sotto called the Pepsi Paloma embarrassment a "contrivance". Talking at DZMM's decision scope in 2016, Sotto stated (translated from Tagalog), "For the information of everyone... this [story] is a gimmick of Rey dela Cruz (Paloma's admin). It is not true. They attempted to file a case because they were hit with slander by Vic (Sotto) and Joey (de Leon). They were sued with slander and that's why they are trying to bring up the case back... It is not true, there is no fact with that (Rey's story)".

Three years after the claimed assault, Paloma was discovered dead inside her loft in an obvious suicide. In a similar radio program in 2016, Sotto censured Paloma's demise on illicit medications.