Jackie Speier, California fourteenth District Representative, has apologized for the U.S. colonization of the Philippines amid the Philippine freedom festivity in the San Francisco Bay Area. She said that 'she needs to pay an uncommon tribute to all the Filipino-Americans and the Filipino nationals to state that she apologized for the benefit of their nation for their decrepit exercises amid a considerable lot of those years'.

Quite a while backer of Filipino WWII veterans, Speier, keeps on pushing for their full advantages through the Filipino Veteran Fairness Act. In the interim, the Philippine banner was flown without precedent for the historical backdrop of Redwood City.

Image from speier.house.gov

San Mateo County boss David Canepa, who brought the convention to Daly City four years back, began another one in Redwood City. He said that 'the commitments Filipinos have made don't traverse 10 years. It goes several years. As he respected to be here in soul of [Jose] Rizal'.

Filipino-American chairman of Daly City, Juslyn Manalo, said the demonstration of flying the Philippine banner and recognizing Philippine freedom approves the network. She said that 'it's extremely a confirmation that they've been here as a Filipino people group and they are proceeding to develop and that as an engaged network they are flourishing'.

Delegate General Henry Bensurto, in the interim, said that with the developing populace of Filipinos, he predicts multi day when the whole U.S. will observe Philippine autonomy. He said that 'multi day they will have their own particular rendition of Cinco de Mayo and they will call it, "One na Kalayaan"'. Different urban communities all through the Bay Area have likewise recognized and observed Philippine freedom, as indicated by Bensurto.