"Nadarang" singer/rapper Shanti Dope was involved in an issue which written by Jojo Gabinete on PEP.ph that 'he couldn't join the Ex-Battalion (ExB) concert due to the reason that the camp of Shanti doesn't want the young artist to perform as a guest, recommending a consecutive show (back to back concert of ExB and Shanti), and want their talent to have a solo performance'. Comedy concert queen Aiai delas Alas, Ex Battalion's manager, affirmed that Shanti won't show up in the concert (1st Anniversary).

Thea Gomez-Pollisco, Shanti's manager, clarifies the issue by saying 'these are for the most part lies'.

Image from Instagram @shantidopeofficial

The reason why Shanti could not make it is because the young artist is a student, and to perform in the concert means Shanti would take time off from school for a period of time.

In the statement, they also pointed out that Shanti is a minor which adds to the time they react.

'These are for the most part lies. We require some investment reacting to solicitations for Shanti basically in light of the fact that he is a minor, which expects us to approach authorization from his mom for any exhibitions.

Shanti, additionally, is studying (student), which implies that when a responsibility expects him to require some serious energy off from school, his mom should illuminate his educators about his conceivable nonattendance, and Shanti should guarantee that he will make up for lost time with missed exercises'. The announcement likewise noticed that their camp never proposed a consecutive show. As a youthful star artist, Shanti is not yet prepared for that.

They additionally composed that their camp never asked for a solo performance number.

The response incorporated on having an extra coordinated effort number (group number) stays hard to state 'yes' to. They additionally called attention to that when they cleared up this, show coordinators were the ones who said they would simply drop the said guesting (dropping Shanti).

Image from Instagram @shantidopeofficial

'Yet, on June 24th, coordinators all of a sudden asked for an extra joint effort number. This isn't a simple demand to state yes to in light of the fact that a collaboration implies an extra day for practices --- multi day that would mean Shanti will miss school, which implies illuminating his mom, who will then educate his instructors about his nonattendance.

We educated the show coordinators of this, and they were the ones who said that they would simply drop Shanti's guesting. Do the trick it to state this isn't just out of line, it is additionally amateurish'. Shanti's camp likewise included that the coordinators dropped in light of the fact that their demand can't be satisfied for a justifiable reason. They likewise indicated the blame to the show coordinators.

The announcement additionally called attention to Jojo Gabinete who didn't get Shanti's side and his camp. They likewise hammered Jojo's article in setting Shanti to other youthful rappers. Shanti's camp will likewise expressed that they won't apologize for guaranteeing that the rapper won't choose his career over his studies.

The said show, Kami Ang ExB, will hold at the Ynares Sports Arena on July 14, Saturday.