Today, President Rodrigo Duterte is set to meet the President of South Korea, Moon Jae in. He may discuss to raise security and monetary collaboration amid his gathering with President Moon. '[The Philippines] stands prepared to compose another section of tightening ties, further harmony and more extensive joint effort" with South Korea', Duterte said.

Duterte told columnists at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 yesterday that 'in his discussions with President Moon, he will investigate approaches to convey participation to an unheard of level.

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This will be founded on regard for sovereign uniformity and for the majority rule standards that they both contended energetically to secure. He will underline the significance of fortifying our organization in protection and security, exchange and ventures, and political collaboration. 

He will in like manner push the need to cooperate to help accomplish more prominent security by tending to regular and developing dangers to strength in our locale'.

Duterte left for South Korea yesterday for a three-day official visit that tries to reaffirm the ties amongst Manila and Seoul. The President said the connection between the Philippines and South Korea is 'long and profound', taking note of that Filipinos battled close by South Koreans to safeguard flexibility and vote based system about 70 years prior.

The Philippines sent troops to the Korean Peninsula in the 1950s to help South Koreans amid the Korean War. The Philippine President said that 'today, we stand shoulder to bear in propelling our mutual yearnings and in confronting dangers to our countries, our people groups and in our area'.

He included that 'there is much to gain from South Korea's involvement and ability. In spite of apparently impossible difficulties, the Republic of Korea effectively changed itself into a standout amongst the most exceptional and dynamic economies [in] the world'. Duterte said South Korea has officially joined the Philippines in its endeavors to accomplish comprehensive and reasonable monetary development.

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He said that 'our present and future endeavors to look for a revived organization with South Korea --- and in fact with every single other nation --- might dependably be grounded on national intrigue, shared objectives and adherence to time-regarded standards of universal law'. Duterte is additionally planned to meet with Korean business pioneers to welcome them to put resources into the Philippines.

Duterte then said that 'he will meet with Korean business pioneers and urge them to be our mindful accomplices in our quest for monetary development.

Thusly, they can effectively add to our target of giving an agreeable life to our kin'.

Duterte will likewise go to a business discussion facilitated by the Korean Business people group and the Emart Philippine Food Festival. The Philippines and South Korea built up political ties on March 3, 1949.

Around 1.6 million Korean sightseers went to the Philippines and around 450,000 Filipino voyagers went to South Korea a year ago. He will return home this Tuesday as he is booked.