From a small and shanty home, now a concrete and having a complete items for the new home of the ice cream vendor. The viral video who spun around the web not long ago about the senator and boxing champ, Manny Pacquiao, purchasing an ice cream to an old man and promising to give him a home is now fulfilled.

Filipino's Champ Pacquiao simply influenced somebody's fantasy to work out as expected. Consistent with a guarantee he gave a week ago, the boxer-cum-representative gave an old man ice cream merchant his own particular home throughout the end of the week.

Image from Facebook/Jen Manilay

Pacquiao gave the seller, distinguished just as "Lino", and individuals from the media a voyage through the house on Saturday.

A video of the visit, indicating Pacquiao sitting on one of the padded seats, was additionally posted by his colleague Jen Manilay. Manilay hasn't revealed where the house is found however said that she knows about Lino since she as a rule purchases ice cream from him on her approach to work.

A week ago, a post by Manilay circulated around the web, which indicated Pacquiao promising to give Lino his own particular house. It occurred after a possibility meeting between the two, where the seller of ice cream said that he didn't have his own particular house and was simply leasing a place.

He additionally specified that he had endured a stroke and had three kids he couldn't stand to send to class. Pacquiao, moved by what the merchant stated, allegedly gave him ₱30,000 over the free house and parcel.

Video courtesy of Facebook/Jen Manilay