Manila may not be the Philippine's capital city if Federal Government pursues, Malacanang said "there is no issue" with that.

This announcement was issued by the Presidential Spokesperson Harry L. Roque after an individual from the Consultative Committee (Con-com) said that in spite of the fact that the advisory group has not chosen yet on the united capital, they are "available to proposition on changing the nation's capital" since the board of trustees has in any event concurred that there is no command that Manila ought to be the capital. Individuals from the Con-com were handpicked by the President to audit the 1987 Constitution in an offer to move the nation's type of government from unitary to elected.

Image from Malacanang Photos/Valerie Escalera

Since his presidential crusade, President Rodrigo Duterte has been pushing for federalism, which he said will help accomplish peace in Mindanao and goad monetary advancement all through the nation in all districts and not simply in "royal" Manila. "That is fine in light of the fact that with the President from Mindanao, likely there will be no issue with that. Give the Congress a chance to choose that", Roque stated.

Con-com part Atty. Roan Libarios said in TV meet that in different nations the capital, managerial and business focuses are in various urban areas. "We can engage a few alternatives currently like for instance, in Malaysia, the political capital is in Kuala Lumpur however the managerial focus is in Putrajaya," he said.

He added that 'in the US, they have Washington as the administrator focus however the business focus is in New York. In the Philippines, the business focus is Metro Manila, the administrator focus is Metro Manila, the political focus is Metro Manila, the political capital is Metro Manila'. Libarios likewise specified that Clark might be a decent authoritative focus following the promotion of exchanging some administration workplaces in Pampanga.

He said that 'That will facilitate the movement in Metro Manila without a doubt. Or then again perhaps we can have a capital in Cebu'. Duterte's Con-com is 95-98 percent finished with its draft government Constitution which they will submit on July 9th to the President, the Committee's deliberate due date.

This is to give time for the President to survey it before July 23rd, his State of the Nation Address.