As we all know, Kris Aquino is one of the richest celebrity in the Philippines, and one of the fabulous stars. She is back in ABS-CBN doing a movie with one of the brightest love team of this generation, JoshLia --- Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

On a press conference for their movie "I Love You Hater", Kris Aquino stood up telling that she knows that media would do their research on how much is she wearing on that time since it is shining and shimmering.

Images from Instagram @krisaquino

She stated that since she is coming back to ABS-CBN, wearing something that can be seen by anyone in the company would be great if it's determined.

And she mentioned that always value how much a star wears.

She joked to the journalists, 'for them to make their research easier, she will tell the brands' [and added estimation of it's prices by comparing it to a thing].

Image from Instagram @krisaquino

Her pants is a limited edition 20th anniversary Roland Mouret (Ailish), blazer is Balmain, Alaïa is the pair of shoes, and jewelry that she was wearing that time can purchase a condo unit with 3 bedrooms (in Rockwell).

The Balmain blazer is evaluated at $2,795 or ₱150,000, as per its site. Kris' Roland Mouret "Ailish" sequined work wide-leg pants have a sticker price of $2,240 or ₱120,000. In the interim, her Alaïa cut-out calfskin and metallic cowhide stage shoes cost $1,207.50 or ₱64,500. Her pink-gold Ballon Bleu De Cartier watch precious stones and sapphire has an eye-popping sticker price of $58,500 or around ₱3.12M.

On her arm (right), Kris wears Cartier's Love bangles, a precious stone cleared pink gold single wrist trinket evaluated at $40,100 or around ₱2.14M, a jewel cleared pink and white gold twofold arm jewelry valued at $32,700 or possibly ₱1.75M. She was additionally wearing a Juste Un Clou arm jewelery in white gold with precious stones and yellow gold, valued at $12,600 or over ₱673,000 and $6,800 or around ₱365,000, individually. To her other arm (left), Cartier's Trinity arm ornament, which retails at $9,100 or around ₱490,000. Her Tiffany Embrace band which has half hover of round splendid precious stones costs $3,900 or around ₱205,000; the full hover of round splendid jewels costs $10,025 or if nothing else ₱535,000. Kris additionally wears 5 precious stone and pearl rings, a multi-strand jewel wristband, and a couple of huge precious stone hoops --- the cost of which is ₱15 million, as indicated by a source. Assessed OOTD cost: ₱24,378,500.00, this is based on a Facebook post by Nelson Adrian Remo who lives in New York.