Today is the day where LGBTQ celebrates their lovely lives, and this is as well a big event for them as It's Showtime's Miss Q and A "The Final Answer" will crown the first ever queen of talk (reyna ng talakan), Saturday --- 30th of June at Resorts World Manila.

Ten smart and beautiful inside & out queens will compete for one crown; 9 has been named, one is to be determined via votes from madlang pipol.

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The first finalist was the first ever hall of famer which simply means she is undefeated; winning 10 crowns and advancing to finale. The original tooth gem of the competition, Juliana Parizcova Segovia.

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Juliana is a call center agent who lives in Pasay, she waited for this finale the longest as she was the first queen to be listed as finalist. Probably a year or so... that's how long she waited for this day to compete and determined to win the crown. She, then, became famous after her win in the show; having multiple guesting on different Kapamilya shows, & appeared on Vice Ganda's movie "Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad" together with other queens. Juliana, as well, became the face of "YouTube ender" of ABS-CBN Entertainment, appearing on the end of the Miss Q and A videos on YouTube inviting every viewers to subscribe to the channel.

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Matrica Mae Matmat Centino, the most feared candidate in the competition. She is widely known in the LGBTQ community as best in Question and Answer. Most of the competitors dream to compete with Matmat since she was named by them as a legend of beauty & brain pageants.

Representing Leyte and Samar, Matmat became the 2nd queen to be listed as finalist and the 2nd queen to become hall of famer advancing to finale. Just like Juliana, she has multiple guesting on different Kapamilya shows. She, as well, a beauty pageant legend, winning multiple times, and as mentioned the most feared candidate in the competition. Matmat is very famous on her smart and witty answers, no matter the language is, Filipino, Tagalog, Visaya, or even in English, she is simply good at all of it. During her first appearance on Miss Q and A, a lot of LGBTQ members commented that they were waiting for her to join the contest, and their wait was over.

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The third queen to be listed as finalist is also a hall of famer, just like Juliana, & Matmat, she is undefeated. Her name is Rianne Azares who came to win 10 crowns, as well.

Rianne was raised and born in Manila but his father is from Tarlac City. They moved in Tarlac when she was in high school. She is like Matmat, a pageant queen. She, as well, won a title as Miss Gay Tarlac 2015. Currently she is a freelance professional makeup artist and an owner of Gown Rental Shop. Rianne also appeared on television having multiple guesting after her win.

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The crush of It's Showtime staff/crew, Dumbo, the fish (female) looking Lars Pacheco. Lars won multiple crowns but was not able to win 10 times. Despite not being listed to hall of fame, she has still the chance to be crowned as Miss Q and A winner after winning against the smart & witty Angelika Mapanganib on Semi-Finals.

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Khei Perlaoan made it to the list as the 5th queen to join the finals of Miss Q and A. She is a pageant beauty queen as well and defeated Samantha Tan on Resbek week. Khei was the last queen standing on Monday after defeating the almost sweeping a win Marigona Dona Dragusha on the Semi-Finals.

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The sixth queen who made it to the finals is the queen who accidentally dropped her upper denture on her first Miss Q and A appearance. It was when she introduced herself, Princess Khim Santillan then became viral after that incident where in she picked up her denture and directly put it back to her mouth. But this time, she came back strong, her denture is now stronger as herself as she won the Tuesday semi-finals --- making it to the finale of the show.

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The snapchat queen and one of the first queens to compete on the early days of Miss Q and A, Elsa Droga Mendoza, joining as the 7th finalist of the competition. After her first win defeating Kristine Ibardolaza whom she tied with during resbek week, she became an instant fan-favorite queen. Sad to say, she was not able to get her 3rd crown making her invalid to join the semi-finals. But the fate is good to her, as she was chosen as one of the resbek queens to comeback for a semi-final slot. As mentioned, she won tying up with Kristine, and on Wednesday Semi-Finals she swept a win sending herself to compete in finale. She also appeared on some Kapamilya shows and on Vice Ganda's movie with Juliana and Princess Khim.

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The most controversial queen made it as the 8th finalist of the competition, Kristine Ibardolaza. After losing to Elsa, she became the most controversial queen since most of the people were in favor of her answer on that time --- against Elsa. And again she proved her intelligence during the resbek up to the semi-finals on Thursday. This elected official is a competitor to be reckoned with.

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Street smart queen made it to the finale as Odessa Jones declared the 9th queen to join the list of finalists. Despite her age and having less teeth, she is smart and witty. Her answers on 'wit lang' were unexpected to be amazing since she always choose sides which are few to be picked by candidates, yet she were able to defend it wonderfully. She is a veteran drag queen (on her time) appearing on different TV shows before; like performing some Grace Jones songs. Odessa is, as well, loved by many fans.

There is one more candidate that will be joining the list of finalists who is not yet revealed since the voting is still ongoing. Who among the semi-finalists who failed to make it to the finale will return as as a finalist?

A total of 10 grand candidates competing for one crown & a trophy, ₱500,000 worth of plastic surgery, a paid trip for two to Thailand, and ₱1 million tax free.

This will be the most elegant gay pageant on TV where intelligence wrapped the physical beauty, telling everyone that there is equality on whatever faces you may see.