Filipinos are known for their Jollibee fast food restaurant. The restaurant reaches the world as it opens it branches and able to sell right.

On an interactive media platform, we found Jollibee bringing joy to tummies as the greatest bucket of fried chicken they called the Chicken Joy was brought out by the Jollibee mascot himself which consistently the biggest bucket of fried chicken joy amid the occasion of the Scarborough branch as of late. On Instagram, @travellinfoodie transferred a video of the mascot as it enters the setting with a major can of the renowned Chicken Joy.

Image from Instagram @travellinfoodie

Read the inscription of the video, "Greatest. Broiled CHICKEN. Container. EVER! What number of pieces do you believe are in here? I'm supposing around 100!".

"Had a Jolli decent time early today at the introduction of @Jollibee Scarborough where we saw this epic basin.

After such a significant number of years, I got the chance to eat chicken delight, dapper spaghetti, palabok celebration and peach mango pie once more!

Has a feeling that being back home in the Philippines," the page included. Jollibee US intends to open more than 100 branches of the mainstream Filipino cheap food eatery in the following 5 years.

The Instagram page uncovered, "uplifting news to Canadians! @JollibeeUS is wanting to open more than 100 areas in the following five years!".