Noontime show hit "It's Showtime" announced the winner of Miss Q and A, a great moment to end the month with a bang for all LGBTQs celebrating this month of PRIDE.

Out of 600+ candidates it went down to less than 40. From forty it went down to 10. From ten it went down to 6, to 3, until the last bekstanding.

Image from Twitter @itsShowtimena

The top 6 were announced, and they were Juliana Pariscova Segovia, Rianne Azares, Matrica Mae Matmat Centino, Marigona Dona Dragusha, Lars Pacheco, and Elsa Droga Mendoza.

The top 6 drawn to know who will compete against who since this time they will be having a debate in the round called "Debattle". Rianne got A1 pairing Matmat who got A2.

Elsa got B1 pairing against Juliana who got B2, and the last pair was Lars who got C1 against Marigona who got C2.

The first debattle topic was, "which one is harder to put make-up on, the dead or the living". Rianne got A1 and she needed to defend the dead, while Matmat should defend the living (alive). Rianne said that 'dead people are harder to put make up on as a professional makeup artist, the skin of the dead has no pores anymore and that makes the makeup hard to stick to it (the skin). You are tense since the feeling that you need to make the dead people beautiful is there as this will be their last appearance to their family, and for them to have a pleasant image to show up in the heaven'. Matmat defended that 'Rianne should not educate the people with wrong [information], since the truth is... alive people are harder to put make up on their faces since they are living'. She as well stated that she is 'a professional makeup artist as well, and everyone knows that living people can move, and some people when asked to close their eyes to have them wear an eye makeup, they don't listen and their eyes are still wide open'.

The Top 6 | Image from Twitter @itsShowtimena

The second topic of the debattle was, "which one gives you a bad trip if not pursue, sneezing (hatsing) or yawning (hikab)". Since Elsa got B1, she will be defending sneezing, while Juliana will defend yawning.

Elsa said that "sneezing gives you a more terrible effect since your nose [breathing] will have a hard time and you cannot get the dirt on your nose". Juliana responded that 'yawning gives you more inconvenient effect since that time you need to rest. Many people are waiting for you to work for the next day [as a bread winner]. It is more annoying not to pursue resting since you are tired from working and the bed is just right there waiting".

The third debattle topic was "which one is stronger, Cardo of Ang Probinsyano or Lakas of Bagani". Since Lars got C1 she will be defending Cardo, while Marigona needs to defend Lakas.

Lars said that "Cardo is stronger since Lakas is just a fictional character, and Cardo keeps fighting different criminals and that will continue in years, it will be lengthen since Cardo has been here for a long time". Marigona said that 'Lakas is stronger since from [the name itself]. If Lakas is joined by other fighters they will become stronger because [in this series], it points the unity, and by unity, Lakas was made stronger".

After some advertisements, the top 3 was revealed. The first debattle was won by Matmat.

The 2nd debattle was won by Juliana, and the last debattle of the day was won by Lars.

The top 3 then competed in answering a one final question. It means, a one final question needs a one final answer. While a queen will give her answer, the remaining 2 queens will be wearing headphones which will be playing a very loud music in order for them not to hear the question which will be asked to them, as well, and the answer of the opponent.

The final question was, "in your own observation, what is the hardest question and why".

Matmat went first stating the essence of acceptance. Juliana was the second to answer telling people the importance of the family. And Lars went last to answer saying the greatness of self-worth.

Lars won the 2nd runner-up taking home ₱300,000 worth of plastic surgery (retoke) package and ₱200,000 tax free.

Then host Vice Ganda announced the first winner of Miss Q and A. After a few seconds, Vice mentioned the name, "Juliana Pariscova Segovia". Juliana won the competition which leaves Matmat at the 1st runner-up position winning ₱400,000 worth of plastic surgery package, and ₱300,000 tax free.

Juliana won the Miss Q and A (2018) | Image from Twitter @itsShowtimena

Juliana went crying after all the sufferings they have undergone. She just won a crown worth ₱300,000, a trophy, a paid trip for 2 to Thailand, ₱500,000 retoke package, ₱900,000 worth of business package from Aficionado, and ₱1 million cash tax free from Vice Cosmetics.

Congratulations to Juliana and to all queens who made the show wonderful and powerful. This is the first time LGBTQ was celebrated decently in the Philippines.

The afternoon ended with a blast, such an amazing competition, and we hope for another season.

Videos courtesy of ABS-CBN Entertainment