A Grab auto traveler's midnight ride was in creepiness as a creepy ghost appeared behind him while driving.

Sam Andrew Lee, on Sunday, a web-based social networking user, shared on his Facebook account a life-changing alarming knowledge while he was riding a Grab Car at around 12 midnight while in transit to Oasis --- an occasions scene. As indicated by him, after entering the auto he booked with Grab he quickly saw somebody sitting in the secondary lounge.

Image from Facebook/Sam Andrew Lee

He squandered no time in going up against the driver --- disclosing to him that he asked for a Grab auto and not a Grab share (auto pooling). Obviously, the driver said he came alone.

Anyway, what did the traveler find in the rearward sitting arrangement? Lee further said in his post that he took a gander at the rearward sitting arrangement and what he saw was no longer there.

Be that as it may, after they go by Litex going to Sandigan (in Quezon City), he saw somebody there once more.

He shut his eyes and in his mind he conversed with that somebody behind him; to go along with him in his selfie. He attempted at that point to take some selfies on his cell phone, and shockingly, something which he saw to be an apparition showed up in one photograph.

A miserable looking male figure wearing what is by all accounts a white undershirt could be found in the caught picture. When he demonstrated the selfie shot to the driver, Manong obviously got frightened as well and said for what reason did he need to demonstrate the photo to him.

From that point forward, Manong driver inquired as to whether he would ride with him until the point that they achieve his home and even offered to get another Grab auto for Lee from that point to take him to Oasis and that he'll foot the passage. However, no --- Lee won't --- apologizing that he can't ride with the Grab driver any longer in such a peculiar outing with somebody who's more grounded than him --- "Sorry [kuya] but none, I don't like to join you in a ride wherein we have someone riding [with us] that is more powerful than me". They were nearly at Lee's goal and he had even requested that a companion meet him outside Oasis, additionally.