At the 22nd Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad (JBMO) held from the 19th of June to the 24th of the same month in Rhodes, Greece, three Filipino students won medals.

As indicated by the Mathematics Trainers Guild-Philippines (MTG), Sean Eugene Chua of Xavier School and Daryll Carlsten Ko of St. Stephen's High School were granted silver (medal) while Deanne Gabrielle Algenio of Makati Science High School sacked a bronze award in the opposition.

Image from MTG Philippines

The three, joined by group pioneer Kerish Villegas, spoke to the nation to the JBMO, wherein they contended with sections from different countries: Greece, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Republic of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Romania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Turkey, Serbia, and France. Dr. Isidro Aguilar, MGT leader, said that 'they compliment their 3 candidates for winning awards in the math rivalry.

This is another respect for the nation', which prepares and sends Filipino understudies to contend in worldwide science challenges. Ko said that 'the current year's JBMO was a blend of managable and testing issues.

Some of them just required an immediate stream of rationale while the others required quite certain perceptions with a specific end goal to progress in the issue'.

As per Chua, "The opposition tried our level of continuance, mental nimbleness and tirelessness to have the capacity to approach the issues in the right way". Algenio said the issues were "testing, cerebrum inciting, astounding issues yet nothing we Pinoy mathletes can't leap".

They surely bring honor to the country, Philippines.