Princess Khim Santillan took home the crown today on It's Showtime's Miss Q and A Semi-Finals and will compete on Saturday, the Grand Finals.

Another five candidates were facing the audience as they competed for the mixed "Tumpak Ganern" and "Di Ba Teh?" rounds.

The five was composed of Ivy Aguas, Princess Khim Santillan, Markie Sagum, Tonette Estrada, and Joana Santos.

Image from Facebook @itsShowtimena

On the first round, Markie got the correct answer and got the birtud (efficacy), she will be able to choose either to fight for debate or pass the round and pick 2 candidates to do the debate. Markie wanted to fight and she picked Tonette to go against her.

Markie won the round defending "Ube" over "Leche Flan" on "which one has more rights to be on the top of halo-halo (Philippines dessert)".

On the 2nd round, Joana won the birtud and picked resbekla Princess Khim to go against her on the topic, "who should be mandated" (translated). Her picked was "'Ang Panganay" (the eldest) because he is more responsible than the youngest & should be the one who takes care of the siblings if the parents are away', but she was not able to beat the defense of Princess Khim with her "Ang Bunso" (the youngest), she said that 'despite being young, a youngest could still be responsible if you teach him to do things [be mandated]. It would be better if you mandated the youngest so that they will learn in life as early as possible'.

On the 3rd round, Ivy Aguas got the birtud but passed the round to the 2 remaining candidates.

She then assigned the answers to each of the candidates on the topic "on this time, which one breaks the easiest", she gave Princess Khim "Relasyon" (relationship) while Markie received the "MRT" (Manila 'Metro Rail Transit').

This round was won by Princess Khim giving conviction, and words to convince the judges that her defense is good and believable.

The final round topic went serious, "who should be blamed on the messy things that are happening in the country, 'Pamahalaan' (government), or the 'Mamamayan' (citizen/s)". Princess Khim got the birtud, and she said "she will take the risk by choosing 'Mamamayan'".

Princess Khim defended her side by saying that 'Citizens are to be blamed since we kept on complaining, we should not complain but instead do something for the country', while Ivy said that 'the government should be blamed because they are, as well, citizens, people who made mistakes [on their decisions for the country]'.

In the end, Princess Khim won the day and she will be joining the hall of famers, and other semi-finalists who became finalists (after winning on their daily semi-finals), this coming June 30th 2018.