Sales Representative Kean Estacio Jonson, in a Facebook post on Saturday, shared how an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) living in Dubai purchased a mobile phone for an elderly man she has never at any point met --- all on account of a viral Facebook post. The OFW, whom Jonson distinguished as Monica Raon Santos, first found out about the elderly man requiring a mobile phone from a post that Jonson partook in March.

Jonson initially recognized the old man he called lolo (granddad) Lucio strolling close to the store where he worked.

Image from Facebook/Kean Estacio Jonson

Lolo Lucio wanted to purchase a mobile phone for his grandkid utilizing the cash he spared, which, unfortunately, wasn't sufficient.

Jonson's post peruses in Filipino, 'he experienced considerable difficulties strolling towards the store, so I needed to encourage him. He additionally experienced issues talking.

He demonstrated to me a bit of paper which says 'Vivo', the brand of the mobile phone that his grandkid needed him to purchase.

He continued to demonstrate to me a pack of 20 and 100 charges'. The post, which collected in excess of a thousand responses, grabbed the attention of Santos who sent a private message to Jonson saying that she would pay for the cellphone if lolo Lucio ever returns.

From Facebook

Jonson stated in a columnist that 'Miss Monica said she will purchase the cellphone for grandpa on the off chance that he intends to return.

She requested my financial balance points of interest so she could send me the cash. What's more, she sent me the cash when he returned'. In his refresh post throughout the end of the week, Jonson said lolo Lucio still didn't have enough cash when he returned for the mobile phone, which is the reason he chose to contact Santos.

Jonson composed that 'he didn't have enough cash, on the grounds that the telephone was worth ₱5,990 ($113.97) yet he just had ₱5,600 ($106.54). Ms. Monica said he can simply keep his cash with the goal that he can utilize it for something unique'. Jonson included that 'he is happy that there are individuals who, disregarding having agreeable existences abroad, would at present make a special effort to enable other to individuals, even outsiders.

He trusts more individuals could resemble Ms. Monica'. In any case, Santos' demonstration of consideration moved something other than Jonson. Jonson' most recent Facebook post has additionally circulated around the web and now has in excess of 8,000 clicked on likes with overwhelmingly positive remarks.

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This is what we call that in reality, there are still people who is willing to help despite knowing a person whom he/she will be helping. This is amazing!