On Tuesday, DILG (Interior and Local Government) Undersecretary Martin Diño broadcasted that punong barangays are the greater government authorities in the Philippines. Diño told recently chosen barangay captains in Central Luzon amid Tuesday's oathtaking which was directed by President Duterte that "simply envision, the city and the district can't give business grants if barangays don't first issue barangay leeway. That is the way ground-breaking you are".

Given this power, he asked them to lead the pack in executing activities that will propel the motivation of the present organization. "You should lead the pack in actualizing programs that will advance prosperous and serene networks.

Image from UNTV

Particularly in very urbanized urban communities, you should lead the pack in tidying up of walkways and comprehending activity. You ought to likewise lead the pack in programs like streams and conduits cleanup," as per authority. In any case, Diño reminded the town boss that while they are presented with awesome forces, they additionally have extraordinary obligations to convey.

He said that 'look what occurred in Boracay. Before offering grant to houses and business foundations, the Barangay Captain ought to have first checked if there were secure sewerage framework and septic tanks.' He likewise tested them to complete the President's battle against illicit medications and think of solid designs inside two months after they took office --- generally, a grumbling will be documented against them.

All things being equal, he guaranteed town boss that DILG will dependably support and screen them while in the meantime viewing over them to guarantee that administration ventures are executed at the bottom-up level.