On RMN DXPR report, a virgin woman named Joy gave birth to a baby girl despite that she was never touched by anybody.

She said that after she got out from the hospital, her father questioned why her other stomach is big (she said during the interview with DXPR reporter), the other one is not. She then decided to do an ultrasound.

"When I went home, that's the result, something is filling my stomach", she said.

Image from Facebook - RMN-DXPR (PAGADIAN)

The reporter then asked, 'what is the doctor's finding about it'. She response "positive" and 'her birth canal was not touched by anyone'. The reporter then asked if she has any idea why this thing happened to her.

She response that 'she doesn't have any idea'.

"How about your parents, what can they say [about it]? Suggestions", reporter asked. "Their suggestion is they (the parents) will check the neck of a woman, if the woman is pregnant [the neck] will keep on moving, mine is normal", she answered.

"Do you have any morning sickness or food cravings"?

"No", she answered the reporter.

The baby was carried by her for 9 months, starting on September (2017). By that time she was studying and she confirmed that she doesn't have any "live-in partner" by that time since her father is strict and always looking after her.

On her ultrasound, there is a finding that she was not just carrying a baby, but a wood as well was inside her tummy with the baby and people said that it might be the baby's 'twin'.

The wood went out together with her child when she delivered.

She gave birth to the child on June 22nd of this year 2018. She is naming the baby "Sitti Hannah" (not the confirmed spelling of the name), and reason of the name is --- since she is a Muslim by religion.

The doctor's thought about her pregnancy, 'this could be gotten from water since the sperm cell never dies' she said as she continued to discuss. The sperm may get inside her organ and that is why a baby was developed --- she was conceived.

She, as well, said that she [is fond] of going to pools to swim, and sometimesm she is swimming with a male company.

The reporter asked if she went to a quack doctor.

She said, 'yes', she went on quack doctors and the 3 quack doctors she met has one say, "it's from someone not from this world'. The quack doctors suspected that the inner clothing they had might be the reason why she became pregnant since they warm their inner clothing outside their house.

The reporter then asked if she was dreaming of something not from this world, she said 'yes, she was dreaming about something not from this world, and it's a man and a woman'.

Despite giving birth to a child she never expected, she is happy to be a mother. Her family accepted the situation since they had nothing to do with it, and yes, they will continue to raise the child the best they could.