Fajilan Nikki Marjorie posted on her Facebook account a photograph of a destitute old man who approached her for a few medications to help facilitate the torment he was feeling from his joint pain.

She named the old man as Tatay Pedak who was by then trembling from the chilly and crying from sheer torment. She attempted to comfort Tatay Pedak and instructed him to proceed to supplicate and to never lose confidence. The old man had answered he's continually asking, and that he likewise petitions God for the Lord to come and take him soon so he would be free from the hardship of his life.

Image from Facebook/Fajilan Nikki Marjorie

Tay Pedak said that 'he always pray... that God would just take him. Hoping he will pass away because he is struggling so much in here' (translated from Tagalog language).

Tay Pedak, as per Nikki has a more established sister who is Catherine.

He is as well hoping that his sibling, Catherine, will visit him. Even just [come to] visit. Nikki, in her post additionally approached the family of tay Pedak and his youngsters, since he should be taken minded of.

She gave an address where tay Pedak could be discovered --- Barangay Labas Santa Rosa Bayan loob Laguna Olympia Riles. Nikki and some concerned subjects endeavored to help tay Pedak in different ways --- even endeavored to turn him over to the Barangay to be protected, yet the old man was inflexible on his choice to stay where he was.

So Nikki and her gathering rather endeavored to influence him as agreeable as conceivable by bolstering him and tidying up his spotted.

She shared some photographs and recordings on her FB account. God favor you, Nikki!

It isn't clear how tay Pedak turned out to be distant from everyone else and destitute yet another netizen, Charles Genrick Egalla, on his web based life account likewise posted about tay Pedak. 

"Probably some of us know him, he is the old man who lives near or forward Riles in Olympia. I know tatay Pedak, almost 2 years. Tatay Pedak makes you bless, maybe other people will say 'I don't want to give Tatay Pedak money anymore because he will just drink, if I'm going to pass him he will just keep on drinking'. Yes, he drink but it is just to forget his pain sometimes --- the pain he feels on his body. Whatever we see, let us not base everything about it because we don't know what happened. How did I say this? --- Because I talk to him before and found him again." (translated)

Together with a few companions they helped tay Pedak by giving him an umbrella, shirts, coat, and a long seat which would be a major help. "The life of tatay Pedak is a motivation that whatever you undergo in life, he is praying (he never forgets to pray) that hopefully he will see his relatives again, and hopefully he will be healed so he can work again", he added on his post.

He likewise shared a video of tatay Pedak singing some gospel tunes:

He and Nikki likewise shared photographs/recordings of a now spotless and recently hair-prepared tatay Pedak.

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saves a wretch like me", a wonderful song for Tatay Pedak, despite experiencing hardships he is there holding tighter and hopefully soonest he will find the things he hoped for and lift his emotions for joy.