Breakup seems to be one of the toughest situation that people who fall in love experience. This happens to the internet personality Xander Ford after his girlfriend ended their relationship.

The breakup is hard for the young star since he loves the girl.

Images from Facebook/Xander Ford & Star Image Artist

Xander Ford revealed on his social media account recently that they are no longer heart-united with his non-showbiz girlfriend.

He wrote an emotional message about their breakup on a Facebook.

TRANSLATED: "This is our last meeting. I know that she still loves me but there's [something] stopping us from loving each other".

"First of all, read [this message] please before you judge me, this is our last meeting, and I know she still loves me but something is holding us from loving each other. I'm not yet giving up, but she is ready to let me go. [But] Reah, I would like you to know that I am ready to wait even for years, just to be with you. [But then] the important thing [is] you would be happy with your decision.

Hoping that this comes to your mind, 'all the things we've worked hard to complete'. I love you very much. This is a huge change to me. Thanks to all the hurt you have given, I love you very much until the next time we will meet each other. Probably it'll be in heaven... we will see each other again. I'll go ahead of you."

After the post, Xander clarified everything on his Facebook by posting live video. He realized things and said that 'probably, we'll just hold on to [our] Lord, because even the situation hurt him, that's what it is, at least she became a blessing to him'.

Video from Facebook Live of Xander Ford